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Biscuit Day 2023: Celebrating Working Life in Bermondsey

Biscuit Day 2023 at The Blue Market

Biscuit Day 2023 | Saturday 27th May 2023, 12pm – 3pm | The Blue Market, London SE16 3UQ | Free entry

People have come from far and wide to find work in Bermondsey. From tanners to brewers, here just outside the city was where the industry has been done for centuries. The nearby docks were used to store and trade food and Bermondsey became known as London’s Larder. Great factories and warehouses were built – the first tin can plant in Britain was built here to pack rations and in 1857 the famous Peak Frean’s biscuit factory opened and gave work to many. People still come from all over the world to Bermondsey looking for work, creating ever more diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods. Where are you from? What jobs have your family done here? Come and learn about living and working in Bermondsey.

Free activities:

  • Visit the Peek & Frean’s Museum stall in the market with Historian Gary Magold
  • Invent your own biscuit with Artist Sarah Sparkes and Nicole Mollett.
  • Join us for Tin Can Alley and Games
  • Free your creativity with Bermondsey Workers themed colouring workshop
  • Meet members of Southwark Park Association 1869 and discover facts about our beloved local park

Out of The Blue: Unheard Voices, Different Stories

A series of free activities to explore the diversity of Bermondsey, a historic neighbourhood located just outside the city of London, renowned for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant community. Over the centuries, Bermondsey has attracted people from all walks of life, contributing to its diverse character and becoming a melting pot of cultures. The neighbourhood’s working life has played a pivotal role in shaping its identity, making it an intriguing and dynamic place to live and visit.
This event is supported by Historic England and Blue Bermondsey BID.

How to get there:

  • Buses: 1, 381, P12
  • Underground: Bermondsey
  • Train: South Bermondsey
  • Overground: Canada Water
  • Santander dock stations on Southwark Park Road and Clements Road
  • Bicycles parking available.

About Blue Bermondsey BID

Blue Bermondsey BID is an independent, not-for-profit company funded and led by local businesses who activities are geared to provide services to our members whilst providing a unified voice on issues that concern the local business community. We work with the local stakeholders, residents, and visitors to help make The Blue in Bermondsey a better place to work, live and visit by funding many innovative initiatives and events.